arlin CMC1 motor load dc controller
arlin CMC1 motor load dc controller
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DC Motor Controller CMC1

The CMC1 is a control device for DC motors and permits operation in both rotating directions, i. e. the rotating direction can be reversed with the input signal. Alternatively, two motors can be operated in one rotating direction. The CMC1 allows also controlling electromagnets, simple motion sequences of lifting spindles, small conveyor belts, shutters or lamps. The ramp time for accelerating or decelerating behavior of the load can be adjusted by two potentiometers. Mechanical shock or high current peaks in the power supply are avoided; the life time of the entire system is thereby extended. The CMC1 complies with the applicable DIN standard 43880 and has an installation dimension of 14 mm.

  • Power supply DC 12 ~ 24 V
  • Motor current 10 A in continuous duty, temporary 20 A
  • Adjustable start and breaking ramps
  • Status and error display by LED
  • Short-circuit-proof
  • Wear free
  • Made in Switzerland by Comat AG
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