Electrical components

for switching  -  connecting  -  protecting

Electromechanical components

for fastening  -  warning  -  controlling

BACO now in stock
authorised distributor for BACO FRANCE

  • Push Buttons & Pilot Lights
  • Cam Switches
  • Switch Disconnectors
Relays for railways
switch gear for tranport industries

Relays for Railways
ITW Pushbutton Switches
For Rugged Operations

  • For Rugged Switching Operations

Exclusive Distributor
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Welcome to Arlin

Leading supplier of electrical componentselectromechanical switchgear, and electronics hardware to Australian manufacturers.

Arlin is known throughout the industry for excellent customer service, substantial inventory, competent staff knowledge and highly valued component and hardware brands.

With a broad choice of components for connection, protection, switching, alerting and controlling , Arlin is unique in the ability to provide:

real-world customer application assistance, advice and support for all our products.

Call 1300 362 191 today for all your electrical components, from product design concept to final production.

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I have found your product range relevant to our needs, and would give Arlin 10 out of 10 for personal customer care. The fact that you give me availability and pricing quickly makes it easy to do business with Arlin - I've already referred at least 2 other businesses to Arlin!Medical Manufacturer