arlin CEM01 parasitic voltage suppressor
arlin CEM01 parasitic voltage suppressor
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Interference Voltage Suppressor CEM01

The CEM01 suppressor prevents a problem, which occurs when a relay or a contactor is supplied with alternating voltage over a very long conductor. Even though the controlling contact is open, a current flow remains in the conductor due to the parasitic capacity. That’s why the relay or contactor remains energized. The relay coil and the capacity of the conductor are developing an oscillating circuit. In extreme cases, the coil voltage with open controlling contact is higher than the nominal voltage of the system.

The CEM01 compensates the residual current generated by the cable and makes sure that the relay is safely deenergized. It is able to compensate a maximal parasitic capacity of 60 nF, which corresponds to a conductor length of ca. 500 m with a standard control cable.

  • Safe de-energizing of relays and contactors with long power supply conductors and alternating voltage
  • For power supply 24 ... 240 V
  • LED status display
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