arlin AF-10MR BoxX controller programmable smart relay
arlin AF-10MR BoxX controller programmable smart relay
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Programmable Automation Smart Relay 'BoxX' AF-10MR

  • Miniature smart relay automation PLC controller (with voice module)
  • Programming via PC
  • Remote controlling and voice message over telephone network
  • Comprehensive function block library
  • Password protected
  • 127 function blocks
  • Intermediate relays
  • Timer instructions up to Year 2099
  • 6 In + 4 Out, or 12 In + 8 Out
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AF-10MR-D-LCD/DC24V BoxX Smart relay / PLC relay 24V DC Add to Basket
AF-10MR-A-LCD/AC110-240V BoxX Smart relay / PLC relay 110 - 240V AC Add to Basket
AF-STARTERKIT-MUL/DC24V BoxX Smart relay / PLC relay Starter Kit 24V DC - includes: smart relay, voice and remote module, programming cable, USB-RS232 converter, LCD display, bridge connector, audio cable, program CD Add to Basket
AF-D232 BoxX Programming Cable (BoxX to RS 232) connection Add to Basket
AF-DUSB BoxX Programming Cable (BoxX to USB connection) Add to Basket
AF-RS232 BoxX MUL Unit Programming Cable (RS 232 connection) Add to Basket
AF-MUL/DC12-24V BoxX Voice and remote unit for telephone line connection 24V DC Add to Basket
AF-BC BoxX Bridge-connector for voice and remote unit Add to Basket
AF-LCD BoxX LCD Display with function keys / buttons Add to Basket
AF-AUD BoxX audio cable for transferring .wav files to voice module from PC Add to Basket
AF-ATL BoxX audio socket for voice unit (connection to AF-AUD) Add to Basket

Additional Information

Time range:     0.01s - 99.99hr
Counting values:  1 - 999 999
System timer back up:   100hr

The Comat BoxX can be programmed by PC or with the snap-on LCD display with integrated function keys. It is possible to modify time intervals of the function blocks in the existing control program on site directly on installation. The LCD display can be connected to the Comat BoxX to visualize conditions or may be removed (without voltage) and used on another Comat BoxX.

Photo of Comat BoxX smart relay

Programming software
The programming software QUICK II allows easy and transparent programming of the Comat BoxX with a PC. QUICK II is based on Windows®. 127 function blocks can be stored inside the program memory of the Comat BoxX. Stored programs cannot be lost even during a power loss. Therefore back up batteries are not needed. With the simulation tool, the set up can be tested on the PC before commissioning.

Programming the function blocks
Control tasks can be solved easily with the function blocks available in the library. Programming codes in a highlevel program language are not required. Simply place the corresponding function blocks and link them with other function blocks according to the required control function.

Analogue inputs
The 24 V versions of the Comat BoxX can also process analogue input signals 0…10 V with increments of 0.1V. All inputs can be used or configured at random as analogue or digital inputs. Function blocks for the comparison of analogue values are available, i.e. to monitor temperature in a heating system.

Voice and remote module
The voice module allows the playing of messages through either the builtin or external loud speakers. The voice module also replays phone calls or dials phone numbers to send emergency or status messages. Messages are recorded directly over the built-in microphone or are transferred as* wav files directly from the PC.

Product options
Power supply: 110 - 240V AC, or 24V DC
Inputs: 110 - 240V AC, or 24V DC / 0-10V analogue (selectable on 24V product)
Outputs: electro-mechanical relays, 8A N/O contacts, or solid-state transistor PNP 2A 24V DC outputs.

Voice and remote unit
Programming cables
Bridge connector
Audio cable
Power supply
Serial converter
LCD display with function keys
Cover (instead of LCD)
Program CD-ROM