arlin 12-550 storage system turntable carousel
arlin 12-550 storage system turntable carousel
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Spacemiser Storage Cabinet Turntable 12-550

This unit includes a ball bearing base and dividing trays. The assembly holds twelve 550 series visible storage cabinets in three layers. Note: base & frame only - order cabinets (drawer units) separately.

Dimensions of a complete assembly
D X W x H: 500 x 500 x 1730mm

Maximum Load Capacity: 400kg

Select your cabinets with best drawer sizes for your application here.

Optional drawer dividers also available - order dividers separately here.

High quality system - made in Finland.

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12-550 Turntable base & frame to hold 12 clear-drawer storage cabinets Add to Basket

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How to Order:
  1. Add 1 of this product (12-550) to your basket
  2. Go to 550 series cabinets page - find under related products, or at this link
  3. Add 12 of these cabinets to your basket, choosing cabinets with drawer sizes to suit your application
  4. Optional: add drawer dividers from the accessories page
  5. Proceed with your enquiry / order

arlin 12-550 Storage Turntable Drawers

Visible storage cabinet turntables are perfect for the location, storage and identification of thousands of small components. This assembly can be configured for storage of  up to 4,320 different items on a floor area of only 0.25sqm, utilising the twelve of the 60-drawer cabinets and the (separately ordered) V-00-PK10 storage drawer dividers.  With a load capacity of 400kg, the Arlin electronic components storage carousel is well suited for a diverse range of industrial and design workshop areas.

Arlin Storage Systems
The Arlin Storage Systems range is new to the electronics market, with numerous innovative benefits.  Component parts are organized into separate drawers and compartments within the storage cabinets, making production and design areas organized and efficient.  The ‘Arlin Storage Systems’  multi-drawer unit range features:
  • Crystal-clear drawers for easy visual identification of contents
  • Corrugated / ripple based drawers for easy retrieval of small components
  • Combination drawer options for maximum efficiency
  • ESD (Anti static) semi conductive storage units
  • Ball bearing swivel base
  • 400 and 800 kg load ratings
  • Up to 720 drawers and 4,320 separate compartments in one Turntable Carousel
  • ESD (Anti static) semi conductive storage unit frame